Synced SharePoint file retention after a user is disabled

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Hello all.

I have a query about the accessibility of SharePoint files synced through One Drive after a user is disabled from 365 admin center. If they are working remotely and were using a work account to log in, what happens to the files stored on that device? I can see information about what happens when users are deleted, but currently we only disable a users sign in, and remove their license. What I would like to know is, does the data get automatically deleted or expire after a set period, and can this be changed.


I am hoping someone on here knows the answer and saves me hours and hours of scrolling knowledge bases as currently I'm not finding anything specific to my query.



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Copies of all SharePoint Libraries/Folders that were synced to the user's device will remain on their C drive until they delete them themself. Discovered this a few years ago when I found lots of folders from previous projects where I no longer had access to the online files - and it's still the same behavior today. You may want to restrict syncing to personal devices:

You can also do this on a library-by-library basis

Hope that helps!