Synced SharePoint Excel File opens under "System32" user, instead of under my local username

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I'm syncing my SharePoint files to my desktop using SharePoint Online's "sync to desktop" feature. When I open windows explorer, the navigation bar shows the following path for the synced directory that I want to access...




However, when I double-click the MyExcelFile.xlsx file that I want to open, and I use the =Info("Directory") function in Excel, I unexpectedly get the following path...




Oddly, if I open a new instance of excel, and drag & drop the MyExcelFile.xlsx from the same exact windows explorer location, the =Info("Directory") function gives me the file path that I would expect to see...




I'm using the =info("Directory") function in the MyExcelFile.xlsx to create a relative file path for querying data elsewhere within my SharePoint site via Power Query, and this "system32" issue is a bit of a pain.


Does anyone know of a way to force excel to open under the "johndoe" username by default when I double-click the file, instead of "system32"?



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@JFADI2020 Hi, Did you ever find a resolution to this? I'm experiencing the same issues.