Sync permissions between MS Teams and Sharepoint

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We’re experiencing some problems while setting up a Microsoft teams account for our company. We did set the permissions we wanted for each group (Owner, Member and Visitor) in Sharepoint, and now we would like to make sure that when we add a new user to the MS team and mark it as, say, “Guest”, the user is added automatically to the “Visitors” group in Sharepoint. Equivalently, the Members in a team should only have the permissions that are granted to the “Members” group in Sharepoint. Instead, it seems that we have to make this in two steps: first we have to add the user to the team and then add it to the Sharepoint group.
Is there a way to automate this process? Or are we doing something wrong?
Thank you!

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Hello @borisrado 

I don't know if you find the solution but I am looking for the same behaviour.