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I have done this 5+ years ago with Wiki and can't figure out how to do this in Sharepoint. We have some process documentation we are hosting on wiki Sharepoint Style Pages. With a few of the processes for example, steps 1-4 are the same, and only the steps after differ. I want to create a sub-widget or something to house steps 1-4, that I can then call/embed on all the pages, and then just add the differing steps after in each individual page. This is better for initial creation but also future maintenance when Step 2 changes, and one update, updates it everywhere instead of having to update in multiple locations (like a mini widgetized CMS, without a CMS).


Similar to what is described here:


Any ideas/thoughts?

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As I don´t know what your working environment is (on-prem, online), my answer can be more or less relevant.

This is quite a complex scenario as there are multiple solutions that could apply... However, I´ve recently been working with a somewhat similar request. Our solution (simplified) for SP Online:


  1. Create a SharePoint list: Processes. 
  2. Create a SharePoint list: Process steps
  3. Connect the lists by creating a lookup column in the Processes list which gets information from the Process stepslist.
  4. Add the process steps to the Process stepslist.
  5. Add your processes to the Processes list. For each process, select the process details that should be included.
  6. Create a page template which includes search web parts. 
  7. Create your pages based on this template
  8. Configure the web parts to fetch data from both lists by formulating a query.

With this solution you only need to update the underlying lists for the page content to be updated. In our solution, we used PnP Modern Search web parts, which are highly customizable compared to Microsoft web parts. However, these can only be used in a SharePoint Online environment.

Attaching some screen shots of "the idea" as I cannot send you a screen shot from the working solution for sensitivity reasons...

@Maggan Wåhlin Wow, nice. Not quite as simple as I was hoping, or friendly to look at, but I'll see if I can give it a try. THank you!