Sync options from Microsoft List choice column to Sharepoint folder choice column?

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Hello, lovely people!


I'm looking for a chance to sync a choice column's options from a Microsoft List to a choice column's options in a SharePoint library folder, the idea being that whenever I add, edit or remove an option, those changes are reflected on the same choice column's options.


For this specific instance, I have a Microsoft List for inventory management that has a choice column for the product type (e.g: Laptop, Smartphone, etc.), and I want to sync all changes I do for the available options in the Sharepoint library folder's choice column for the same thing, so if I add the option for a "Printer" in the list's column, it would also be available in the folder's, and if I remove the "Laptop" option from the list's, it would also be removed from the folder's.


Thanks in advance.

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if the list and library is located on the same site, you can create a third list with your options [PC, Phone, etc.]. Then on your list and library you create a lookup column instead of a choice column. You then maintain the “choices” in the third list and the two columns would be accordingly updated