Sync local folder of shortcuts to Sharepoint 2010 library

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My company has a SP2010 library with about 500 documents in it, across multiple folders. Unfortunately, we are unable to use the search function due to access restrictions, and we are not allowed to change our permissions to fix. (the site is not administered locally).

I have created an excel web query file which pulls all the file data into excel, and built a VBA macro to create a local folder of "internet shortcuts" to the sharepoint files, where the shortcut names reflect the files they target, and are obviously searchable through Windows Explorer Search function.


So the above is a pretty clunky way of synchronising a set of local shortcuts to the online files, but rather than do this the long way, is there something out there which could automatically synchronise the sharepoint library to a local folder of searchable shortcuts in real time, rather than me having to run this process manually whenever Sharepoint sends me an alert that something has changed.


Remember, this is sharepoint 2010, so Flow (PA) won't work. Did SP2010 have something similar to flow which might help me?


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