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How can I sync three columns, as well as the content, to another site? I want to add two columns myself and write customer-specific data, but I don't want to update the three other columns that already contain all the other data I need. How do I do that? I'm quite sure it can be done but can't seem to find the solution.


We are using SharePoint modern.


Thanks in advance!

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Take a look at the Content Type Hub feature because I think it's what you are looking for

@Helena_Starenby  as an alternative to the solution presented by @Juan Carlos González Martín, this could be done with a flow in Power Automate. Whenever you update the columns in 1 site, providing you have a column in each list for a unique value you can automatically update the list columns in the other sites.


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@Juan Carlos González MartínCould you perhaps give me some more details, not sure how you mean? Will that help me with the syncing? Whenever the other party updates the content or adds a row I need to automatically see the changes in the other list (on another site).


Also, if I can manage without using the content type hub that would be preferable, because in this particular customer case I'm not an admin - meaning I have to rely on a very inaccessible, not-very-knowledgeable tech team to help me remotely.

That sounds doable! How do I give the columns a unique value? You are not talking about a unique name?