Support required for Lookup column function inside Document Libraries

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I have created a SharePoint and I do have two Document Libraries.

1- Forms Library

2- Procedures and Standards Library

So I have linked these two Document Libraries with added a column of Lookup function into 2nd Library and its linked to 1st library. In the Lookup function column in the 2nd library, one column has been added into a Document Library and it is tagging documents in the 1st library( this to tag and link related form from library 1 to my procedures and standards in 2nd library). What I am trying to get is that in this Lookup function is that I want to tag the documents with the actual links of the forms or clickable ones. I mean, when I select a document from one 2nd Document Library lookup column i want to have it as PDF form one and to be opened directly rather than name page info. It is possible?


Picture of the 2nd Library with the added lookup function column named related form, note that all of these tagged forms are only opens the info page rather than the actual link see second pic 



When the link opened:



lookup column settings 




First library which the lookup column in second library is based on (note that its linked to title column here) 





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