Sum only work days

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Hi SharePoint community,


I have 3 columns in my list which is Startdate and Enddate. I have a third column (Total Days) which is the difference between the Enddate and Startdate. But I need to exclude the weekends to make it calculate only the weekdays. I have tried to copy the Networkdays formula of Excel, but it didn't work. Further, if the Startdate is Monday and the Enddate is Friday, the result will be 4 but it need to be 5 because i need to include Monday also as part of the (Total Days).


- Help Bonus( when I display the calendar of the Total Days column, it will show the "red bar" from Monday to Thursday. But Friday will also need to be highlighted with the "red bar"). 


Can someone help me with this problem?

The Calendar part will also be very helpful.

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