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I am having an issue where the Top Suite Navigation Bar is empty on all of my Web Applications (See Below)


SharePoint NavBar.PNG


When I inspect the page on SPCA it shows the full code for the suitebarTop navigation menu




If I do the same thing on any of my web applications that code is replaced with SuiteNavPlaceholder. It used to be the same as the Central Administration and have the suiteBarTop div. 



Could this be a set of permissions that I am missing? Or is this an issue with the latest update? I did not notice the issue until I installed the latest SharePoint 2019 Security Update (KB4484292).


I'll add that there are no customizations on any of the master pages or any custom CSS, these applications are running out of the box. I have created new web applications with the same result.

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@bharnold almost the same issue for me, have you access to mysite home ? 

i think it's something to do with UPS not running well. 

what is the last update you've installed? my last is from november KB4486714