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Hey Everyone,


I am hoping I can get some support/guidance. Our company is currently transitioning to SharePoint. We see a lot of potential value to this, but we are really struggling with how to effectively migrate to the system. Our current system is a server with a job folder for each project. After migrating to SharePoint, we have run into some sync and connection issues. This is due to having approximately 3 million files. We are currently trying to figure out the best solution to accommodate the following:


  • We need to migrate all of our project files and folders to SharePoint and create a system that could potentially scale up in the future.
    • Our company has about 1000 projects that we do each year at least.
    • Each project contains approximately 150-500 documents. These are construction documents.
    • This is broken up amongst different divisions and sales territories.
  • We also need to have quick and easy access for every role on our team. (Currently we have an excel link to the folder itself)
    • There are approximately 8-10 different roles associated with each project.
    • These individuals change with each project.
  • We need to be able to send documents directly to external customers. (Currently we just drag and drop from file explorer.
    • We would prefer to not have a link to do this.

We currently have 2 ideas that might work.

  1. We create a document library for each sales territory. This would keep us under the 300,000 threshold.  This would also simplify navigation by creating a quick access link.
  2. We create a team for every project. I am not entirely sure if this would be practical given the large quantity of jobs we have.

Any guidance would be fantastic!

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So first idea is a no go, you DON'T want to go over 5000 files in a library.

Second idea is the correct way to handle this, you create a team in teams and you collaborate there and store you files. These files are stored in SharePoint site for that team. When the project is done, invite everyone except externals and make the site read only. You can also connect the site/team to a project hub to make it more searchable.

That being said, I would recommend you bringing in some kind of SharePoint Architect to help structure this.

The first step in a SharePoint transformation is to analyze your current content, which will be used in an information architecture. The information architecture defines what your structure will look like (site structure, taxonomy, folksonomy, access, etc..,). Ensure you have governance and change management plans for your digital transformation. This would help transition your users from your current system to SPO and help plan for growth. It is a big undertaking, and I recommend using a SharePoint architect.

Some licenses are eligible for the FastTrack program -

Hopefully, this helps!


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Thanks for the response! We are going to look into a hub site like suggested. I was told that the sites within teams were not an ideal solution, because each site tied to Teams costs us additional money. We are looking into just making what we would call "Job Sites" tied to the Hub Site.


We have also considered making each job it's own document library under a single teams site. Would you have any insight on going that route?


No it won't cost you any additional money, someone is pulling your leg :xd:


So when you create a team, you geta  M365 Group, this includes a SharePoint site and a outlook adress (and a bunch of other stuff). It cost you no additional money! 


>We have also considered making each job it's own document library under a single teams site. Would you have any insight on going that route?


That's gonna be a headace to manage and find the information.  My recommendation is hub site and sites or teams connected to those hubs!  That's easier to manage both information wise, permission wise  etc.