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As we slowly look at introducing communication sites for general availability we wanted to touch base on subsite creation. Right now our tenant has the default option to allow subsite creation. We have thousands of classic team sites and now only new modern team sites can be created. Sub site creation on team sites has been a highly leveraged capability.  Given the 3 choices around sub site creation, we are looking for a way we can prevent sub site creation but only for Communication sites so that we do not impact modern team sites.  Is there a way we could restrict the creation of subsites but only for communication sites? Thanks

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You cannot disable for only certain template types. I would highly recommend that you check out using hub sites and site collection structures to build out these in relation to site / sub site as that is no longer the recommended approach since many new features seems to be focused around site collections and not sub sites.

@Chris WebbThank you for the confirmation.

Bear also in mind that Microsoft has increased the number of Site Collectionts that can be created in a a tenant to 2 Million
Thank you that's good to know.