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I'm using a SharePoint Team Site (in conjunction with Microsoft Teams) for the university band I direct. I used to use a Google calendar with all of our rehearsals and performances that they could subscribe to, but we are a Microsoft campus. So, I added everything to our group calendar this year since I'm going all in on SharePoint and Teams. It shows up in Outlook and I can overlay it into my calendar. However, I'd like it to affect my meeting availability (theirs, too, but I think I get a lot more meeting requests based on Outlook availability than my students do). I don't want to duplicate my effort by adding it all to my personal calendar, too (ran into this adding the Google calendar to Outlook last year but hoped it would be different with it all in Microsoft).

I know I can add each event individually to my calendar but there are 117 events. Looking back I probably should have made them all meetings and invited everyone. Perhaps next year I will.


In the meantime, I have two questions:

  1. Is it possible to batch add all events from a group calendar to one's personal calendar
    1. a. I'm 99% certain it is not possible... but is it possible to have a subscribed calendar OR the overlaid group calendar affect free/busy time in my personal calendar? If so, that solves the first problem.
  2. Is it possible for people to subscribe to a Sharepoint group calendar (say, for my students who refuse to let go of Google)?



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For you calendar to be blocked and your availability status to reflect the meeting, it should be created on your personal or group calendar as a meeting/event. You can create a Team with all your students and invite the Team for your meeting. (while team creation make sure to subscribe everyone to receive emails in their mailbox, so that they get the invite in their mailbox)
1. I don't think it is possible out of the box. You can always write a script to do it for you.
2. If a user is part of a Microsoft Team and the Team gets invited to a meeting, user part of the Team can subscribe to receive notification in their personal mailbox. As Team owner you can subscribe everyone in the Team to receive notifications in their mailbox as well.

Okay, that's basically what I thought for 1, but for 2 is there no way to get a web calendar address so people can add it to an external calendar (like Google)? The reverse of what I did in the past, adding the Google calendar to Outlook. I can do this with my personal calendar (I have a sharing link so my family can see my calendar) but don't see that option for the Sharepoint one.