Structured Navigation (Publishing) not supported on "Modern" Sites/Pages/Lists/Libraries

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Creating a dedicated post to track this.  Lots of discussion on this from Yammer, and havent really seen this anywhere here yet..


What is the status of new "Modern" capabilities to support structured navigation?


What structured navigation gives us today:

  • Dedicated navigation page
  • Menu items can be permissions limited by groups
  • Visual interface to easily move up / move down / create folders


For years we have had users leverage this navigation structure, because it was easier for them to "grasp" and the extra features that you dont get with just the regular navigation.


Right now, we have almost 500+ sites that leverage structured navigation.  We have also as an organization put real emphasis on the Top Global Navigation menu, and not as much on the Left Side Navigation menu (which "Modern" seems to really key off of).


This is one of the items keeping us from moving toward the modern UI, so we dont have to go redesign the navigation of every site just to fit into the new modern world.


If we have to bite the bullet and just touch every site to make it fit in modern, it would also be nice to know that.

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I'm eagerly awaiting this as well.  So, with this in place, will the navigation propogate to all sites and subsites on all pages and have both/multi-levels as well? Ultimately, I guess my question is, will the navigation exactly mirror what's on the top level publishing site (if settings are set that way)?  I'd also know if there's a way to check this as right now I basically script our navigation to pushed out everywhere and would love to stop doing that.

Hi @Sean Squires, we are yet to see this.


Although the navigation is now settled up and the "page not found" link is gone, but the global (top) and current (left-pane) navigations are now the same. The actual global menu is now gone!! We have set it on our sub-sites to inherit from the parent site-collection, but somehow the new nav ignores that and makes the global navigation exactly same as the current (left) one. In our case, both are structural and not managed.


Further, the modern list/library still does not allow metadata filtering! We have set filters on term-sets, but in modern view that is not available. This new style is getting more furstating day by day. Our users still find the classic view more neat and clean. The new view looks very unpolished and unncessarily big.

@Abhimanyu Singh -- there's no way that what you're seeing with the global and quick launch being the same is how it is supposed to be (I hope).  At least, I hope that's not what Microsoft thinks is "fixed" or reasonable......... if so, they have pretty much destroyed the global navigation and any hope that people will move to modern sites quickly. 

@Clint Lechner see the screenshots that I took for both the classic mode (what it is supposed to be) and the modern mode (what is messed up):


ClassicClassicSo-called ModernSo-called Modern

@Abhimanyu Singh -- right, my point was that I hope that isn't what is supposed to be happening.  That's what I see as well and it certainly isn't what I consider to be working correctly.

Yup. Sad part is that Microsoft people aren't as active here as they had been on the older Yammer group. @Sean Squires are you listening?

This is a major flaw. I'd even open a support ticket just to get this documented, not that there is a solution for it.

Hi @Abhimanyu Singh (and others on this thread!) - my apologies for the radio silence on our part. I was away on family business and inquries on this thread were missed by others. I will review w/ the feature crew this morning and get back to everyone. We are trying to as attentive as we can to folks questions and feedback on this platform - so please do continue reaching out (and @mentioning us to ensure we get the notification)!


A quick summary:

  • There was a related issue that delayed the rollout of this feature fix - so some of you may not have seen the fix in your tenant yet. It is currently at 50% WW and will be fully rolled out in the next two days to all of production (read: 100% WW this week). Thank you for your patience.
  • Fair ask/feedback about inclusion on the roadmap - we work closely w/ our marketing partners to try and provide the right level of notice/visibility on feature announcements and major fixes; I will discuss w/ them further about adding this one there.
  • As noted, this fix is specifically to enable the modern page navigation controls to read from the same publishing provider as classic pages do (for team sites where publishing feature is enabled); in other words, excepting functional differences between the classic (i.e., "recent" node) and modern controls themselves, the rendered data should be the same (per the settings you designate on the areanavigationsettings page. Some of the discrepancies noted here sound like bugs - so thank you for reporting and we'll look into it immediately.



Fair ask - let me follow-up w/ our marketing partners and see what we can do for this feature fix. Appreciate the feedback!

I'm guessing my dev tenant which is 1st release still hasnt received it yet, because I am still seeing the page not found in the navigation which should be hidden.  


When you say rollout is that to 1st release tenants or for all tenants?

Hi Rob - a related issue/regression slowed the release of this fix. It will be fully deployed to all tenants this week. The easiest way to check is verify your navigation settings (assuming you have enabled publishing feature on a classic team site - it's the areanavigationsettings.aspx page: site settings > [look and feel] navigation) and test structural or managed nav setting w/ a modern page (i.e., document library, site contents, etc.).
Hi David - this week we will be fully rolled out to all of production. Let me follow-up on the notice on the fasttrack roadmap. Thanks.
Yes, this week! Thanks for your patience!

Hi @Philine von Guretzky - can you elaborate on your scenario? If you have enabled the publishing feature and wish to display subsites in the nav you'll need to set navigation to structural and select the option "Show subsites". If you are referring to displaying sublinks in a managed nav term set, we do display up to two levels. HTH.

Thanks for reporting, Rob - I'm seeing this, too, and this is definitely not as designed; you should be able to set "Display the same navigation items as the parent site" and render the parent node values in the subsite. We'll take a look.
Hi Paul - rolling out fully to PROD this week. Thanks for your patience!
Knowing who to @mention is challenging. I have learned a few peoples names over the years, but it is always just a guess on my part, if a list of contacts for topics/features/releases could be shared, then we would be able to address our comments to the correct people.

Thanks @Abhimanyu Singh - sounds like @Rob O'Keefe is reporting same. We'll take a look; the intended design is the modern page/controls use the same publishing provider navigation settings and render the data similarly.


As for metadata filtering on lists/libraries, we are working on a new experience for this that should be rolling out soon. Adding @Miceile Barrett for notice/comment on that feature.

We should be fully rolled out to First Release tenants...can you provide more detail on what you're seeing on your dev tenant? Thanks.

yep still seeing the page not found in both the global and current navigation for site collections in my dev tenant which is 1st release.  I was testing the publishing navigation in my dev tenant and it seems to still not be working correctly.  Let me know if you need more info to help troubleshoot this.  I have created a few new site collections and enabled publishing on them and seeing the same thing on all of them.