Streamline SharePoint Recycle Bin Management with PnP PowerShell!


Can't find which one occupies more storage in your SharePoint site? It may be your Recycle Bin which plays a vital role in SharePoint site storage. Proper management of the SharePoint Recycle Bin is crucial to maintain optimal site performance. However, manually managing the Recycle Bin and its storage size is a difficult one. No more worries! You can monitor your Recycle Bin effectively using PowerShell! 

By utilizing PowerShell, you can also delete or restore items quickly and easily with just a few lines of code. Check it out here and manage your Recycle Bin effectively.

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@Joyce-2002 Here's related blog post which will users visiting this thread in future to empty SharePoint recycle bin using PnP PowerShell:


SharePoint Online: Empty Recycle Bin using PnP PowerShell 

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