Stream web part forgets url

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Over the last week we've noticed an issue when embedding a video using the Stream web part.


Steps to recreate:

1) User adds the Stream web part onto a SharePoint Communication Site

2) Selects the source "Single Video"

3) Pastes the direct url to a video from Stream

4) Clicks publish, and closes the window

5) Opens the browser up and goes back to the page

Issue: the Stream web page resets and goes back to the source all of Stream, removing the video link.


This doesn't happen consistently, but has occurred with multiple users. Is this a known bug?

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I've got this issue, too. I'm sooo annoyed. Microsoft office video worked well. And now they are launching a not finished and buggi new thing. Why is this webpart resetting the link? Why is the webpart double the height of the displayed image? Why can't I tell the webpart to NOT display the title information? Why can't I chose the first frame of a video as thumnail without seperately uploading it? Give me back my office video until you get you work done!