Strange caching issue with Lists where filter doesn't return all rows that match the filter criteria

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Just trying to find out if this is a "me" problem or if it's a known issue.  We have a large SharePoint list, approx. 4000 items however there are views applied to reduce the item count to around 1000.   This list captures daily job information, at the end of the day one of our users filters the list based on one of the columns (Text column).  When the filter is applied only a small number of rows are returned i.e. 10, however we know that there are more rows that match the filter criteria.

If the user clears out all browser history and then runs the exact same filter all the rows are returned.  The behaviour is the same in Chrome and Edge. 


This workaround does get around the problem but it's not reliable and open to human error.  Has anyone seen anything similar and any thoughts on how to resolve?




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