Store files in one Sharepoint site and display in another

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I am writing our company policies and would like to store them on a site only accessible by senior management.  I have created a company handbook as a Sharepoint site that is accessible by all staff.


I would like to show on one of these pages, the word versions of the policies using a web part - file viewer.  When I use the web part, I navigate to the other site and select the file in the pop up asking me to select the file.


Once selected I get an error message that says:


Screenshot 2022-02-14 at 12.17.47.png


I would appreciate someone giving me a pointer on this.  Is it because it is coming from another site and limited to only 3 members where the place I am trying to show it is seen by the whole organisation?


If this is the case, what would you guys suggest?  I don't want staff to be able to see the folders or interact with where the policies are stored, I just want them to be able to read the policies.

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@Adamhumbug So I did test out a scenario using File Viewer web part on a Site page and I was able to see the file in File Viewer web part using "From a Link" option. Here is the scenario that worked for me.

- Site 1: -> Document Library TestDocLib1 -> Word Document TestWordDoc1.docx -> All Company users have Read Permissions on this Document (But no one has been given link to this site so they don't know where this document is coming from)

- Site 2: -> Pages Library -> Created a New Site Page -> Added a "File Viewer" web part -> In the pop up to choose the file, I chose "From a Link" option and then provided URL of the document TestWordDoc1.docx from Site1 here. 




- Look at the warning message above "This isn't a file from your site, so it may have different access permissions. Make sure that your site members can view it." . This is to ensure that the users have permissions to access the file in other site.



@Dhiren Mehta I have follow what you have said and amended the permission of where I am getting the policy docs from.  This seems to have done the trick and I have checked with some of the employees that they can see it.


Thanks for your help