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How the storage licencing quota works for a particular tenant and is their a certain threshold where it just stops increasing and it will affect customer SharePoint Online
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@Preeti Patki 


For SharePoint you get 1TB per tenant and 10GB per license purchased. This would be a hard limit if you hit it and you can see this at the top of the SharePoint Admin centre. 


For SharePoint site collections there are 2 settings, 1 which allows quotas per site collection and the other which is auto expand to a maximum of 25TB per site collection, assuming you have that amount of storage.


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Thanks @Andrew Hodges 

@Preeti Patki In the SharePoint Admin Portal on the Active Sites page you'll see you available storage at the top right of the screen. That will give you an idea of how much space you are using and have allocated. You can purchase additional storage if required. 


Note that SharePoint storage is separate to OneDrive for Business storage allocation but is the same storage pool shared with Microsoft Teams (Files are stored in SharePoint).



@Steve Knutson RE: In the SharePoint Admin Portal on the Active Sites page
Any idea why if I export from ^there and total the active sites "Storage used" column it is way less than what the quota bar shows as being used. In our case that total is about half of what the bar says we are using. I try to police the recycle bins regularly. Is there other storage overhead per site?

@kvaden357 that seems odd. I would expect the two be very similar. This article suggests some rounding. There is a PowerShell script that exports the sizes also.

I'll check this out on my tenant today and see if they match up. 

@Steve Knutson Thanks for looking. I've tried that script before, all I get is a "Attempted to divide by zero" error, like it's not able to determine the quota.