Stop a workflow when one of two parallel running task processes completes

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I am using SharePoint Workflow 2010 where I have a parallel block where two Task Processes are started. I want the workflow to finish when one of them is completed. In SharePoint Workflow 2013 there seems to be some features, but I could not find a solution for SharePoint 2010.

I tried the following options:

  1. Using Action "Wait for Field Change in Current Item": I tried to change a status field in the item where the task processes are running on. So, when Task Process A completes then it sets the item's status to 1 and Task Process B uses "Wait for Field Change in Current Item" to notice that item's status has changed to 1 and end the task process. This only works as long I use "Wait for Field Change in Current Item" just in one of the Task Processes. As soon I insert it in both of them (which would be necessary) it somehow locks the workflow and when the workflow is triggered, it hangs and seems to have a problem.
  2. If I right click on the parallel block and click on "Advanced Properties" then there is a property "CompletionCondition". But there are just the option YES and NO. I know that in SP Workflow 2013 you can use Local Variables, but here you can't select anything. Even the YES and NO are not selectable.

Is there way to finish the workflow if one of the task processes in the parallel block is completed?

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@MoComputerScientist If you use Microsoft 365 and have the opportunity, you should replace any SharePoint workflows with Power Automate. More info here:

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