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We have a requirement for our New Modern Communication Site to have a stock ticker.  I can't find any way to get this on a modern site?  Any thoughts, Ideas?  I found a few widgets, but they are not in an iframe and will not work.  I could not find any 3rd party apps/webparts.  Thought maybe somebody might have an idea.


My next thought is to create a flow that gets the information from AlphaAdvantage and saves info to a list and then just use CSS to display the list item on the page...


any thoughts ideas appreciated.

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Just ask a developer to create a SPFx WebPart you can use in your communication site


I noticed a stock ticker web part in this Microsoft "look book" for SharePoint Online (page 4).  Anyone have any insight on this?  Thanks.



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We leveraged one of the PnP contributed web parts in the design look book, it's for a stock ticker (you need to provide your own API key). You can acquire it here as part of the PnP starter kit:

any knowledge of this being a web part that does not require development or publishing of developed web part?  We are trying to use out of the box only and I keep seeing a stock web part in examples of modern sites, so maybe it will be future web part?  like weather web part?

At the moment @JHerschel we don't have plans to ship an out of box stock web part. 

@John Sanders 


Do you know if there is alternative to afphaadvantage as it is only pulling info for NASDAQ listed companies and not ASX?



There's one here! if this helps. Its free to download and try from the App Source