Sticky Column Headers removed?


Anyone else have the Sticky columns and now they randomly are gone? Seen this in the past where another build overwrites another feature wondering if that's the case or did they get pulled on purpose or is it something up with my tenant? 


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@Chris Webb - you are not going crazy.  Sticky headers have been coming and going in my tenant (target release users only) for several months now.  I first saw them in March.


The really frustrating thing is that they were working yesterday, but not today when I specifically wanted to showcase them to key authors in my tenant.  What's more it happened last month too when I had planned to show them to other folk. 


I'm sure my colleagues think I'm a bit silly. 

I think you might be on to something about the possibility of other releases that are coming through and somehow killing off sticky headers.

Have the sticky headers come back?

Hi @teenanguyenl - Yes- as far as I'm aware they have, along with a cool new feature that allows you to hide the site navigation so that you can have more of your list in view on the page.

Can you point me to how to hide the navigation. I just checked and do not see that option. Thanks!

Hi @Cindy Zalme 

Here's a couple of screenshots with the show/hide control highlighted:
Hide navigation



Show navigation


Thanks so much!