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Hi! I manage a brokerage and am looking for a nice clean way to show a step by step guide in sharepoint.  Ideally, it would show each step in the process and have links/embedded videos for each step throughout a process.  ANy suggestions on the best way to do this as opposed to just a list?

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@adamsellsnj well you will need one or more lists, but my suggestion is to use those as a data source for an app in Power Apps. You can then navigate between screens using forward/back buttons, can branch to different screens and have a menu of screens. Videos can be embedded or launched in a new tab and links also can be launched from any screen. I have just started to build our new business management system with an app that uses this approach to replace 100 Visio flow charts embedded on SharePoint pages with lists and a single overall Power App. It's not necessarily easy and will take me into next year to complete but that's the approach I'm taking.


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