Status Sub-list, is this an option?

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We have a list for transactions, but each transaction can have a partial fill/payment. Is there an option for a sub list that tracks each sub-transaction?


As an example:


Transactions 1: $100 for 3 items. 1 item is processed for $35. 


Is there an option to show the transaction breakdown of 1 item filled for $35 and two items unfilled for $65?

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Yes, this works....


You can create two lists and have a lookup column on one of the lists pointing to the other.
Then you can create items that have a relation to your transaction.


Displaying them alltogether in a useful manner is a little bit more complicated...


I personally would either


  • Simple create a multi-lookup from the transaction list to the item list (but this will afterwards get very complicated in the handling of your data, so better have a lookup from the item to to the transaction list and use one of the options below)
  • Use two connected list webparts (see an example here.
  • Or create a PowerApp
Thanks, to dig further we will have 10-20 transactions a day. Each transaction will be made of 1-10 sub/partial fills. Need to be able to go in and input what is fulfilled and what is on hold. This is especially important now as there are global supply chain issues and partial fulfillments are taking months.
So you will have about 200 new entries in your items list every day and so nearly a thousand new items every month.
This works fine in SharePoint, but these are dimensions where i would consider dataverse tables and a PowerApp.. (Especially you expect growth)
No option for dataverse in our organization.

All I need is to be able to see a transaction and the components of that transaction w/ tracking and status.