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I have a Share Point Online list which has employee details.


An employee can work on 3 different projects at any given time. I need to be able to add a status column for their contracts. Test cases

 Start Date End DateStart Date End DateStart Date End DateContract Status
Jane Doe3/26/201512/31/20268/27/202112/31/20241/5/20221/5/2023Active
John Doe5/14/20129/30/20198/1/20178/26/202010/1/201910/1/2022Expired

The contract status can be one of these choices: ACTIVE OR EXPIRED

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@nniphadk I don't think you finished your post. What is your question, what outcome are you expecting and what have you tried so far?


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@nniphadk Try using below formula for your calculated column (status): 


=IF(AND([End Date 1] > Today(), [End Date 2] > Today(), [End Date 3] > Today()), "Expired", "Active")




=IF(AND([End Date 1] > Now(), [End Date 2] > Now(), [End Date 3] > Now()), "Expired", "Active")


DocumentationCalculated Field Formula  

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