SPS-hireDate vs Azure AD custom security attribute

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I'm trying to find out which is the better approach for storing an user's start date. I have tested using Power Automate to do an SPO http request and use the Graph API to update SPS-hireDate. This works but it seems a bit backwards to me. Feels like it should be an attribute that lives in Azure AD, not Sharepoint. So the other day I discovered Azure AD custom security attributes which seem to supersede the custom attributes in AD but with an access wall. 

I guess my question is: Do I use Azure AD custom attributes to store info like a users hire date, or should I use SPO user profiles as the attribute is there ready to go?

It also have a feeling that MS is going to deprecate these attributes and replace them with something in the future because the only GUI way to get to it is by using the classic experience.

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