SPO Twitter Web Part Height Randomly Decreased

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Our SPO Intranet site had a long twitter feed featured  in the right vertical section of the communication site page. One day last week, we saw that the height of our feed had decreased from about 1200px to only 400px. This is destroying the layout of our page. 


  • I did try to increase the number of posts displayed, but this did not change the height of the web part.
  • I did add to the acceptable domains list.
  • I've tried using iFrame embed codes, but no matter how I configure it, I get the same error message, "Twitter refuses to connect"

I'm hoping there is a PowerShell script that will increase the size of a twitter web part, maybe some adjustments need to be made from the Twitter admin side of the equation? 

Can anyone please help with this?

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Hi @jwills292'

No, the Technician I contacted did not seem aware of the issue till I pointed it out. It was only after a few emails went back and forth that he discovered that the Twitter Feed web part was 'updated' and we have no way of reverting it back.


Its an absolute joke. im having the same issues. whats the point in setting it to show x amount of comments when its only big enough to show one unless you scroll. what the heck are Microsoft doing messing about with something that was working perfectly.
Not sure if anyone got a straight answer from various support channels, but we use a twitter web part on our Drupal site as well as SPO and it has shrunk too. From what I can gather other users of twitter widgets not specifically using SPO have similar issues. I think it is a twitter problem. So unlikely to get resolved anytime soon given the goings on there.
Thank you for your input Phillipwongnz. We had come to a similar deduction about the Twitter Web Part limitation. Unfortunately, Social media administration is tightly controlled by another team in our company and they have not followed it up. For months now, I've had to look at the home page of our intranet with that ridiculous unbalanced format every day. It's like looking at a supermodel with a missing tooth. :(