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I have a list with applicants. In the beginning the list will probably only contain a few names, but in time it should have thousands of names: lst_names.


I have another column, in a different list named lst_results, that fetches the names from lst_names. As I see things at the moment the user has to scroll down the list to find the right name. If I end up with thousands of names, the user will have to scroll down a long list to get the right name. Is there a way to have a searchable dropdown list as it was in SP13?


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@Leonel GUZMAN with a customised SharePoint form using PowerApps you can have cascading dropdowns so I recommend you investigate that. There are lots of YouTube videos showing how to do this and those from Shane Young are always very good, for example https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=pkZG2boN7jQ&t=566s


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