SPO Search Query Rules limited to three results


I use Query Rules in SharePoint Online and love them.  They are HORRIBLY SLOW at this location


yet they are great!

I don't know if I am using the Classic and or if there is a Modern Query Rules option, etc.


However, when I search, we are Modern as much as possible, and when I go to the root site, I search and normally have more than 3 query rule results.  I have checked for a few items and it seems to ONLY be showing 3 results, if I have some query rules that overlap, it still only shows 3.


So for this one I have annual variable pay and I have 5 promoted results.  I have had these for a year at LEAST.  I don't edit these often.  I did notice that it only shows the top THREE!  If I edit, it will take maybe 30+ seconds, yet it will update, however it doesn't show 4, 5, etc.


in -admin.sharepoint.com/_layouts/15/SearchAdmin/editqueryrule.aspx?level=tenant&SourceId=

I have 5 promoted results.





When I search for annual variable pay, it shows THREE, where are the other two?



I don't know if I missed some update or if there is an area to configure or if I need to open a ticket with Microsoft.


This is happening with more than just this Query rule.


Thank you!


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