SPO Overwriting in a library .doc with .docx doesn't work

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I got following remark:

I have a word document with .doc extension. When uploading in that same library a word document with exact the same name but different extension .docx it will not overwrite the original document, it will create 2 different word documents with the exact same name.

1. Is this normal behaviour?

2. Is there a solution for this not happening?

3. If solution exists, will the Document ID change?

4. If solution exists, will the previous versions still exists?


Thank you in advance for your help!  

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Yes it's usual behaviour, it's the same behaviour like on your local PC.
Readme.doc and
Readme.docx are two independent files.



Thank you for your response!

Any idea on how I can fix this for my customer? This is quiet important for them to have it overwriting it to keep the versions but also to not have multiple documents that are the same.

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I don't know, but I can't barely imagine that there is a technical solution. The versions are file dependent, if you save *.doc as *.docx Word is creating a new file (of different type&format) with it's own version history.
The only way to keep the versions is the further use of *.doc.
I would suggest an organizational solution using power automate (move *.doc to a backup directory and keep it until a defined date)