SPO News Webpart - Error filter using Manage Property

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Hello Everyone!


I created a communication site (modern), and deploy a custom package. I used the news web part to show news that was defined with a special value linked with: ManagedPropertyInt00.

When I configured the WP, I can see this error:



Really the WP configuration is very simple, is like this:


And only filter using a mannage property:


  The most strange thing is that when I save the page (with the error), and the page loads again, the web part loads without error, but not loads any element.

   I thought that the managed property not has been indexed, but when review, the value was indexed normally.


   Does anyone know why not work normally this OOB web part?

   Thanks to your feedback!

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@MaoMx  getting same issue , I am not able to filter for choice column's managed property



Any one had idea why its not working Managed Property also i have reindexed whole site still facing same issue