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Need Help please.. i have an SPO with a calculated column to extract the time only from the modified column. im getting the the time value but for some reason the time that im getting is incorrect. 


can anyone please help me why is this happening? i have added a JSON syntax on my modified column to format the time and time to this 8/17/2021, 5:40:24 PM instead of showing just "5hours ago" or sometimes would show "Yesterday at 9:00 AM"


here is my column example. im extracting the time from the "last modified" to the "Completion time" Column. the last modified time is 5:40PM but on my calculated column (Completion time) shows 02:40PM. 




here is my JSON syntax on the "last modified column"




and here is my format on the completion time column 




please help!

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Please disregard question above. i was able to resolved the issue. thank you