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We have a Customer list with Customer Number and Customer Name columns.
The Customer Name column is searchable via both the search box (search this list) and also offers a search box in the Modern filter pane.
Search this list does not return any result if a customer number is entered and the Customer Number column does not offer a search box in the filter pane.

Are number columns added to SPO Lists searchable by default ?
If not what is required to make them searchable ?

I assume I may need to use some of the Site Collection search settings and/or the Search settings but not 100% sure of exactly what needs to be done and Googling has returned a variety of answers.


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@amthog SharePoint does not offer a search box in the filter pane for number columns.


If we use the conventional method to search in the List search box, we do can't find numeric data in number columns. However, there’s a workaround for us to achieve this goal. You can find the detailed steps at:

Searching a list for a column with number data type 

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