SPMT not moving all folders

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I have recently been part of a migration with 2 customers.  After one migration, it seems all the folders/sub folders have not pulled through to Teams despite having no errors recorded.  Myself and the customer are certain the top level folders did have content at first but now it is empty.  This has also happened with the other customer now.  I have looked into SharePoint library itself and that's even stranger.  Sometimes folders pop up for a second and then disappear, and some folders show there but not in Teams 'Files' tab view, and some sub-folders seem to have been moved to the top folder structure levels.  Yet, a few levels down the sub-folders are missing again.  I cannot make any sense of this.  Is there something with the SP Migrate Tool which states only top level folders will be migrated successfully and sub-folders are hit and miss and do their own thing?

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With no traces in the SMTP Log files, certainly difficult to know what might be happening: Do you by chance have the number of items being moved? By the way, worth to open a ticket to notify this issue that you are able to replicate
Hi Juan...thanks for the reply. I am baffled in all honesty. Our guy has done many migrations and never had this before. I am sitting down with him tomorrow to try and find some kind of pattern to what's happened. In the meantime, I am halting all migrations as this is going to be a mare for me to sort out manually. If I get any more info I will post here then open a ticket if we get no resolve. So glad these are understanding customers...though their first experience of Teams isn't off to a good start.