SPFx for custom page development

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Hi All,

I am new to SPFx and I want to create a SharePoint Portal using some custom UI and pages should be responsive . Please suggest how can I develop it using SPFx.




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I recommend you to use the following libraries

  1. UI
  2.   REST API


Thank u

@MeShare115 I will suggest you to follow the Microsoft official documentation which is very helpful for SPFx development.


For responsive design, check this: SharePoint grid and responsive design 

You can find other design related recommendations in documentation by navigation from "contents" list: 


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Hi ,

Thanks for your response . Is SharePoint online modern pages are not responsive by default??
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@MeShare115 Yes, modern pages and web parts are responsive by default

The Custom web parts do not automatically become responsive, you will have to make them responsive

Hi FabioO365GoD ,

I am not much aware about react framework . Can we design good UI using No JavaScript framework. Please suggest.

Hi @FabioO365GoD ,


I am aware about Bootstrap but not aware how to use it in SPFx solution.