SPFileCollection.Add() error when i want to upload a picture in my library

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I have a picture library.

I have modified the layout body with JSON 



But now i can't upload a picture and if i click save, i have the error SPSFileCollection.add()

Is there a workaround o fix this error ?


My JSON code 



    "sections": [


            "displayname": "Renseignements photo",

            "fields": [


                "Mots clés",






            "displayname": "Environnement",

            "fields": [




                "Plateau technique",





            "displayname": "Obligations",

            "fields": [


                "Formulaire droit à l'image",

                "Avez-vous ajouté le formulaire ?",



                "Date de prise du cliché",


                "Case à cocher de sélection",

                "Champ obligatoire",

                "Largeur de l'image",

                "Hauteur de l'image",






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