specific meta-date to all documents and information within a site collection

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Is it possible to assign a specific meta-date to all documents and information within a site collection / team?

I need it to find documents / information via a central search center.

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Do you mean automatically? There are some ways you could do that such as setting up a default value for that metadata, but first you have to create the metadata column, assign to a content type and assign the content type to the document libraries / lists where you want to use it

@Juan Carlos González MartínThanks for the answer.

I would like to implement the following scenario:

I have a team "Project X". In an enterprise search center, after entering "Project X", I want to find all documents and information from the team (to which I am authorized)



@Stefan Kießig 

As Juan Carlos indicates you need to get the plumbing in place to make sure there is a column (e.g. Project) to capture the value (e.g. Project X) and it has a default value.

This is best done before users start adding content. Note: the above will only work for new items.
BTW: you can modify the view in Teams | Files to hide this column.
To add values to existing items open the SharePoint site, switch to classic mode and use quick edit to set the proper values.

Do check if the new column is indexed. Otherwise you will need to add it to the managed properties.

It would be useful to be able to be able to set a metadata value directly from the standard interface without switching to SharePoint and then changing to the classic view. This is not possible as far as I know.