Special characters in document names in SharePoint Online

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To test support of special characters in document names we created test files and uploaded them to document library:




When we try to open such file, error message appears:




Of course, the file is valid JPG, which can be viewed very fine in the same SahrePoint instance under other name. Preview breaks only when file is renamed.


Is it a bug of SharePoint? What characters are allowed in file names to enable preview?


Any advise will be highly appreciated. Thank you.


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@Taen keren Thank you for a hint. You might notice that provided name does NOT contain any prohibited characters. Repeated single quote looks similar to prohibited double quote, but it is just repeated single quote. However, it does not work. 

What is even more ridiculous, even when I rename the file in SharePoint and remove all special characters from the name, it still fails to render! Probably, corruption occurs already at the moment of uploading with improper name and then persists internally.
I think the problem is just not the special characters in the name...I think is more a problem in the new file viewer that we have in SPO. If you are able to upload the file to the document library, then this characters in the name are fully supported


Did you check the URL of the item?? Becuase SharePoint sometimes let you use special characters on titles but when you try enter to it, doesn't work because SharePoint delete the special chars from the URL but still display them on the item title.

I use to work with these reference...

Special Chars SharePoint List and Folders Titles.JPG

Good luck!