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Roadmap item 67135 will create an additional entry on the New menu to create a Space. Standard release is mid-Feb to mid April 2021.  If we want to turn this off by default (we do), then according to the notification message, we can execute PowerShell command Set-SPODisableSpacesActivation.


Sounds good doesn't it.  But according to Microsoft support the version of the PS module to support this is not scheduled for release until March 21st.  So we are likely to have this change forced on us without any way of turning it off.


Anyone from Microsoft care to comment?

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@Lloyd Adams 


You can use Set-SPODisableSpacesActivation by updating “Microsoft.Online.SharePoint.PowerShell” module to v16.0.20912.12000.


To update SharePoint Online PowerShell use, documentation:


Update-Module -Name Microsoft.Online.SharePoint.PowerShell


To disable Spaces option use:


Set-SPODisableSpacesActivation -scope tenant -Disable $true


You can find more information about this at (see comments as well): SharePoint spaces to be available by default in New menu 

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@ganeshsanap thanks for your response.


Well we had a call back from MS support, and they said try it again.  So with no changes, it now works.  Make of that what you will.