SP2019 on-prem - add terms in bulk to a pre-existing term set

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We have a group of term sets for European countries and their respective regions. The business unit requested to integrate also now the districts, which amounts to several hundred.


Back in the days, when we first implemented the sets in the term store we did it by importing a CSV with the entire tree of countries and regions. And today there are thousands of documents already tagged with the countries and regions from the term store.



1. Is there a way in the term store settings to add in bulk these new terms in the pre-existing nodes? I have tried, searched on the web but couldn't find...

2. Can it be done by re-importing the CSV containing the districts will it add these to the pre-existing nodes, or will it re-create a completely new tree? If it is possible will the UIDs of each existing term be untouched? Will they not be overwritten?


Thank you

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