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I am struggling to configure my web parts because every time I edit a web part I only see a limited number of properties (mostly only layout). For example, for the news web part I expect to see "news source" and "filter" properties, but these are not available. I am a site administrator with full permission on the site. Why am I only seeing the "layout" property and not the others?


Please help.


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Hello @Elton_Witbooi , try the "highlighted content webpart" to filter your Sites and News. Attached you can find 5 steps to realize it on your site. Hope, that helps. If so, pls. give a LIKE. Have a good day, greets, Eva

@Eva Vogel : Thanks for the tip. This does, however, not solve my problem. Is there a technical reason, perhaps permissions or even version of SharePoint why I can not see other properties other than layout when editing the news web part?




@Elton_Witbooi This is strange! If you have full control permissions on site then you should see all the properties including News sources, layouts and filters, etc.


Are you facing this issue on particular site page or site? Can you please try creating new site or new site page and try to add news web part there.


It will help to narrow down the issue if there is any problem with the particular page or site.

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@Elton_Witbooi You are using SharePoint 2019, which is an earlier release of the web parts that are available we see in SharePoint Online.

SharePoint 2019 does not have these features, it only has the Layout Options.

Ah! Thanks for the piece of information. SharePoint online is the cloud version of SharePoint right? So until I migrate to sharepoint online I can't get the other properties?

Thanks again.

@Elton_Witbooi That is correct. Until you migrate to SharePoint Online, or if/when there is a newer version of SharePoint On-premises that includes this that you could upgrade to.