SP2019: Document Library Content Types not saving

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We are uploading files into a document library, which requires content types to be identified in order to save the file. The New Item form is completed and the document is uploaded successfully; however, when the user looks for the file, it is not found (the library view is set to group by the content type). When a search is run, the file located, but the content types are no longer associated with the file.


Unknown when the issue began. It was most recently noted after our migration to SharePoint 2019 (from SharePoint 2010). It occurs every time we attempt to save a file to the library.


We have attempted to troubleshoot with our migration partner, however, we have been unsuccessful in diagnosing the root cause and identifying a solution.

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Is this in the classic or modern UI? Have you applied the below updates just to confirm you're up to date on patches?

We are seeing this issue in both UIs.

@DanBarnett Did you ever fix this?  I am seeing this same issue  in 0365 SharePoint - an Excel file is created from a template saved as Document Type, however the content type used is not saved against the document, it has reverted back to "Document".