[SP2013] - Document Library Template - Issue with Document Library Settings

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Hi SP Tech Comm!


I have come across an issue with SharePoint 2013 on-premises whereby I created a Document Library template natively in SharePoint (via 'Save Document Library as template') but some settings configured are not retained upon using the template.


Steps to reproduce:

1. In the Site Settings > Site Content Types, create a new Content Type with the Document as the parent Content Type


2. Create Document Library with the following specifications:

Advanced Settings > Enable Content Types

Add the newly created Content Type with the setting as not 'Visible on New Button'


Advanced Settings > Opening Documents in the Browser

Select 'Open in client application'


Advanced Settings > Dialogs

Select 'Launch Forms in a dialog' = Yes


3. Save the Document Library as a template


4. Create an App based on the newly saved template



The newly created Document Library settings will be different than the Document Library template.

1. When you click on the New button, it will display both the 'Document' and the newly created content type

2. In Advanced Settings

Opening Documents in the Browser will default back to 'Use the server default (Open in the browser)'

Dialogs will default back to 'Launch Forms in a dialog' = No


Expected Result:

I expected the newly created Document Library will adhere to the template settings since it is created within the same Site Collection.

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Well, it could be a bug...also bear in mind that saving a document library as a template can have those kind of side effects