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How can I change a SharePoint survey into a SharePoint list? I would like to use the sp list to fill in with a powerapp. Tried to export the sp survey to excel and then start a new list from excel, tried the iqy and csv extensions. Can anybody help me out? Thank you.

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@Logtbv have you thought of using Microsoft Forms for your survey instead? The submissions can then be picked up easily by a flow in Power Automate and saved into SharePoint list.


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Hi Rob, thanks for your response.

Maybe I could have added more information.

We have 5 years of filled in surveys with SharePoint Surveys. With MS lists or SP Online it looks like a SharePoint list but I’m not able to link this to PowerApps as a datasource, same when I try to create an app directly. Making a new SharePoint list from an excel file doesn’t work either.

What I want is all the data from the past 5 years in the “new” SharePoint list or changing the survey to a list.


EDIT: No I haven’t thought about MS Forms since I don’t have a lot of knowledge of power automate.