SP Online: Using Boolean in IF Statements

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Good day. I'm having an issue with getting a boolean statement working in an IF statement.


Platform: SharePoint Online (Office 365 Business Premium)

List: Modern List




I have a list that contains several Yes/No columns (defined as Y/N). Other columns have numbers and are defined as Number. I would like a new calculated column to show me the number from one column if Yes and the amount from a different column if No.


Eventually, I would like to make several tests, ie. If column 5 is Yes AND column 6 is No THEN use column 2 amount... But let's try to walk before we can run :)


Here is the formula that refuses to work (syntax error) :


=IF(ReportVF=TRUE, Previsionnel,0)


ReportVF is Yes/No Column

Previsionnel is a Number Column


I've tried with and without [] around column names. I've tried 1 instead of TRUE. I've tried "True". I've tried ; instead of , separators ... Nothing works :crying_face:


Any help would be most welcome. It should be simple, but apparently it's not with SharePoint.


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@mcowen I doubt this will be possible with a default SharePoint form and calculated columns but will be do-able with a customised form with Power Apps. So that's where you should should concentrate your attention.


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Hi @Rob Elliott,


Thanks for your reply. Now I know where to concentrate and not waste time. Simple calculations work fine, just this IF problem didn't :(.


Ultimately the data will end up in PowerBI, so I guess I'll use DAX to achieve something similar.