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We are in the migration planning phase and shortly moving our intranet to M365 Sharepoint.

I wanted to check the possibility of utilising the metadata for navigation.


1. Is there any way we can use the managed metadata navigation on an hub site navigation?


2. Is it possible to add new terms and unique URL linked to the term via lists/libraries?


The overall idea is to have a metadata column in pages/site pages library,

where users can create new pages ->tag pages to existing or new terms.

This new term then gets added to the navigation. Clicking on the new term opens the page where the term is tagged.


I added a managed metadata column to the pages library. I have made the term set open so that users can add new terms. Any new terms added via the column is visible on the site navigation(classic team site). However, clicking on the new term via navigation just gives a page not found error.

Looking for a way to add the page(where the terms is tagged) URL as the unique URL for the new term.


Do you think this is possible? Any help or guidance would be much appreciated.

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