SP Online Document libraries with different system field names

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I have a problem where I have created a doc. lib in site A and another  doc. lib in site B, with the same custom field names. Since I am using K2 to store the documents in my application, when packaging this K2 app in Site A. then trying to deploy in Site B , I cannot  succesfully deploy because all fields must be the same in both Doc. Libs. as you can see from the screenshot below these are system fields that I cannot hide or remove. 

If I create a new doc. lib in both sites, then the fields are the same in site A and B as of now. I created my existing doc. libs about a week ago only to find that I have now completely different field structures. 


Is there some sort of script that I can either delete these system fields or at least re-sync the fields so that the field structure is the same in both sites and doc. libs. 


any help would be great!!! or even worth a beer :)