SP members not able to move files

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Why SharePoint members not able to move file to another folder in the same library, they getting this message "unable to move the file to the destination because content approval is enabled on this library"

although the file status is approved, only the site owner can move the file, Has anyone run into the same problem? If yes, how was it resolved?

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Uhassanin1605, was there any resolution to not being able to move files, some of my contacts can move files and some of them cannot, it seems very random and can't figure out why it's happening as well
unfortunately not yet

@uhassanin1605 I've tried deleting the folder and re-creating it.  I have 20+ people using the folders, and 3 of them are running into this problem.  Is all your users running into this problem?

I did the same I created new folder to test it, but also we had the same message for all site members