SP List visibility in Lists app?

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Does anyone know what lists users will be able to see via the Lists app? That is, what permission level would they need to a list for it show up there? Just the standard levels (read, edit, full control), or will they also see lists to which they have "special" (e.g.: custom) permissions? For example, if I have a list backing a Power App where I've given users of the app a custom permission level that ONLY allows them to edit existing items in the list, but they have no permissions to the site in which the list exists, will it appear in the Lists app? Also, will the "Hide from browser" property on a list prevent it from showing up in Lists?

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I can confirm that the "Hide from browser" property does not impact visibility of the list via the Lists app. It'd be really great to have someone from the SharePoint team comment on what permission level(s) make a list visible to users in Lists. I've personally got a dozen apps out there using carefully obscured SharePoint lists as data sources. If the Lists app is going to surface them all to the users of those apps, I need to know so I can further obfuscate them. Ideally, the "hide from browser" property (which already prevents them from appearing in the Site contents page of their respective site) should also hide them from Lists.