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I am working on a view that is a custom display .. we basically want the people hover card but we wanted to add their email, job title and phone beneath the picture and name...

I have that all working except for the business phone. I can see the value of the business phone when I hover over the person so we know it's there... The column name is "TC" and I tried TC.businessphone and TC.phone. 

How would I access the business phone number?

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Nope, good thought though...



Currently people fields only supports the following properties (with example values) in JSON formatting:


   "id": "122",
   "title": "Kalya Tucker",
   "email": "kaylat@contoso.com",
   "sip": "kaylat@contoso.com",
   "picture": "https://contoso.sharepoint.com/kaylat_contoso_com_MThumb.jpg?t=63576928822",
   "department":"Human Resources",
   "jobTitle":"HR Manager"


SourceSpecial string values - People fields 

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